Saturday, 3 September 2011

The story behind the project

We started this project a couple of months ago, after looking at the tin of unopened infant formula we had purchased after we brought our baby home from the hospital as a 'just in case'. Turns out, we never needed it. Thank God, because formula is expensive and breastfeeding is just so much better!

So we thought, what can we do with a tin of formula? It was $25. Seemed a shame to throw it out. Could we donate it? Seemed a bit odd to rock up somewhere with a tin of formula. What was the alternative? Could we do more?

We have always had the ambition to be more charitable. But on a single income and now a baby, the extra funds never seemed available to make what we thought to be a meaningful donation. The formula was the answer.

Every week, when going on our weekly grocery shop, we decided to buy one extra non-perishable grocery item. Put it in a box in our laundry. Donate it to a charity in need at Christmas-time.

And it feels good. To select something that someone will actually use. To know that the item you are putting in your trolley will make someone else's life a little easier.

But it doesnt end there. We don't want to be the only ones. This is a simple way to give something back and to make a difference.

So join us. Lets do something to help out people less fortunate - one week at a time

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  1. Bravo on such a fantastic project!
    I am keen to do this myself next year and to get our children involved in it :)